GLOBAL DATA NAVIGATION - a new way to view data

Posted on 4 May, 2016

We have developed a brand new app. for visualizing time-based datasets in a quick, intuitive way. The Global Data Navigation technology enables businesses or institutions to import their own data and automatically express it as beautiful, engaging and revealing animation.

For example, a trucking company has a fleet of vehicles that create a GPS record over a given period – say a year. By visualising their fleet movements across a year, the trucking company can identify anomalies and inefficiencies in their operations that would remain unseen in a spreadsheet.

The technology can reveal patterns in any dataset that includes time and location references – with a capacity to handle millions of lines of data. Applications could include shipping companies, asset tracking, port authorities, sports tracking, courier services, taxis, urban transit operators and retail distribution managers, as well as less tangible services such as financial transactions and social media interactions. The technology is already being used by a major air traffic services company to visualize global air traffic movements

GDN technology will shortly be available for license – interested sectors might include transport, distribution, logistics, recreational, digital media and others.

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