CGI and data visualization for new series of The Netherlands from Above

Posted on 10 October, 2013

The last series of The Netherlands from Above (Nederland van Boven) was a smash hit with the TV Dutch audience. Broadcaster VPRO took a risk when commissioning 10 x 30 minute episodes looking down on the countryside, people and cities of this small North European nation. But the gamble paid off with audience figures ahead of the most optimistic expectations.

At 422 South we like to think we made a small contribution to that success – with our data visualizations illustrating diverse subjects from the meanderings of a lone seagull, to the deployment of the emergency services.

VPRO today announce a new series, to be broadcast over 10 weeks on Thursday evenings starting November 14th. At the time of writing the team here at 422 South are nearing completion on a fresh range of interesting and sometimes quirky animations reflecting the data of everyday Dutch life.