ARTE - Migratory Birds data visualization

422 South has recently completed a suite of animated dataviz and CGI sequences for a new 90 minute documentary film about migrating birds – to be premiered on the European ARTE channel Thursday 11th August 8.15pm.

The client was Dortmund based production company COLOURFIELD. The film was also commissioned by German TV Channel ZDF.

See the trailer here

Working for…SHHHH!

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted many new projects recently. This isn’t because we haven’t been busy. Quite the reverse – we’re busier than ever !

But some clients prefer us not to publicise the work we’ve done for them. So while we’d love to tell you all about the wonderful dataviz and VFX sequences we’ve been making for some very big and prominent clients, I’m afraid we can’t !

So for the time being it’s SHHHH…!

(We’ll let you know as soon as we can…)

GLOBAL DATA NAVIGATION - a new way to view data

We have developed a brand new app. for visualizing time-based datasets in a quick, intuitive way. The Global Data Navigation technology enables businesses or institutions to import their own data and automatically express it as beautiful, engaging and revealing animation.

For example, a trucking company has a fleet of vehicles that create a GPS record over a given period – say a year. By visualising their fleet movements across a year, the trucking company can identify anomalies and inefficiencies in their operations that would remain unseen in a spreadsheet.

The technology can reveal patterns in any dataset that includes time and location references – with a capacity to handle millions of lines of data. Applications could include shipping companies, asset tracking, port authorities, sports tracking, courier services, taxis, urban transit operators and retail distribution managers, as well as less tangible services such as financial transactions and social media interactions. The technology is already being used by a major air traffic services company to visualize global air traffic movements

GDN technology will shortly be available for license – interested sectors might include transport, distribution, logistics, recreational, digital media and others.

Contact us to arrange a demo.


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2016 New York Festival Awards

Awards Time ! Two projects heavily featuring CGI by 422 South have won prestigious awards.

Drain the Bermuda Triangle and Drain the Titanic won Silver Medals at the 2016 New York Festival Film and TV Awards. Both documentary films were produced by Mallinson Sadler Productions for National Geographic Channel and Discovery Canada.


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NATS ‘Airspace Plus’ -  Near real time air traffic data visualization

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) showed off a brand new development at the World ATC Congress in Madrid last week with this tweeted pic from the NATS stand. The animated display created by 422 South working closely with NATS data team, shows regularly updated air traffic movements in 6 different locations around the world.

The ability to feed a near live stream in cinematic quality is an important step forward in data visualization – with more exciting developments to follow.

New BBC archaeology series

Another hint of a new project featuring work by 422 South. Here is the blog entry of the programme’s co-presenter and archaeological expert, Dr. Michael Scott of the University of Warwick in the UK.