Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Inside the Magical World of CGI & VFX

The good folks at Bristol Media have kindly invited David Corfield  – our Creative Director to talk about the wonderful world of CGI and VFX.

We’ll delve inside some of our recent work for the National Geographic series – Drain the Oceans, and talk about some our work for Hexagon.

During this event, we’ll examine:

What can visual effects and computer-generated imagery do to engage your audiences or win over your clients?

How do agencies, production companies and directors work with VFX to visualise the invisible, and create the impossible?

VFX allow us to see worlds that ordinary cameras can never show us. Sunken ships, exploding planets, vast armies, extinct species and atomic particles. But how do you make it work for you?

What are the realities of working with VFX companies?

How do producers and directors preserve their directorial vision in the face of endless possibilities?

How is new software changing what we can do and see?