The all New 422 South

Our Place


For the past year or so we’ve been working with the wonderful folks at Kaleido Grafik to build a new website and breathe new life into the 422 South brand.  There’s much hype about ‘having a position’, and ‘a brand is not just a logo’ and to be quite honest we’re not a brand at all.  We’re a team of people, some of whom have worked together for several decades, who care deeply about what we do, and love our craft. It’s tricky to pin point just what we do in one easy statement so we didn’t. Instead we hope that the work will speak for itself.

Just yesterday, someone asked, “how do you work”, and “what do you do” , to which we replied, “what is it you would like to do” and “we’ll find a way”….. the advantages of remaining agile mean we can flex to meet most challenges.  This might seem a little broad, and although we’ve become very well known for our data visualisation work, it’s the combination of technical ability, creative thinking and creative doing that enables us to meet our client’s requirements. There’s no mantra or fixed rules to how this works.

So we hope you enjoy looking at some of the work on our new website and thank you for coming on the journey with us.

light painting
photo credit: Photo by Jin Lim on Unsplash