The Science of Where

Geospatial Intelligence


For those of you who are not familiar with GIS, it stands for Geographic Information System.  It’s believed that the term first came into being after Englishman Roger Tomlinson wrote his thesis in 1968 entitled “The application of electronic computing methods and techniques to the storage, compilation, and assessment of mapped data” 

Companies such as ESRI, have been mapping the globe since the 1960’s,  and are currently applying their knowledge to some of the worlds most pressing environmental issues.  The predictive ability of GIS enables people to plan better or to understand what might happen before it happens.

To create awareness of the importance of GIS, 422 South worked with ESRI’s creative lab to create a series of data visualisations which accompany their Science of Where film.  We consulted with the Port of Rotterdam, The European Environment Agency, Bavarian Police Department, Migros, and the City of Paris Authority to extract meaning from their data, and create ’cause and effect’ data visualisations.  Jack Dangermond (founder of ESRI, and environmental philanthropist) is keen that people learn more about ESRI – and how GIS can work to create efficiencies for their organisations.