Once upon a time…

in a small town on the outskirts of London, a group of good looking creatives assembled to embark on a new adventure.

United, this motley crew, used their shared love of art, design and technology to produce exquisite pictures for screens throughout the land.

And all was well in the small town until, one day, a stranger appeared. In his hand, a large disc packed full of data!

Unfazed by this unusual development, the team sat down and listened to what the stranger had to say. Excited by the scale of the challenge presented to them, they set about developing a new way of seeing….

Together they created a new world. A world that was vivid, enchanting and full of life. Before long, it’s luminous glow, attracted people from all corners of the earth, keen to communicate their ideas.

Today, our team of heroes – a little bigger, a little less good looking – continue their adventures. Driven by the desire to capture peoples imagination, even for just a few minutes.


Dave Corfield

Creative Director


Liz Elkington

Production Director

Craig Howarth

Technical Director


Ben Risk

Creative Strategist