Drain the Oceans Series 2 & 3

Mallinson Sadler Productions

Here’s the latest cgi & vfx from Series 2 & 3 of Drain the Oceans for National Geographic TV.

Combining undersea exploration with innovative visualizations, DRAIN THE OCEANS reveals hidden evidence of amazing undersea mysteries. Not “artists impressions” but what is actually there—down to the very last rivet. And, for its fourth season, it embraces a gripping new style, telling stories purely through the words of explorers and archaeologists, putting viewers right by their side.

We’ve cut together some of the best bits for you to enjoy and included a VFX breakdown so you can see behind the scenes.

Drain the Oceans - 2019 reel
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Here’s a VFX breakdown for one of the shots created for the episode entitled – Secrets of New York City.

VFX breakdown for one of the shots from Drain The Oceans - Secrets of New York City.
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Drain the Oceans - Series 3
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