California Wine Institute

A Million Years in the Making

422 South is delighted to be working with the California Wine Institute.

Over the past few years, we’ve been producing immersive maps for their education programme, revealing how the geology of California makes it one of the most unique wine growing regions on Earth. The ‘fly-throughs’ take us on a journey across California’s unique wine growing regions and form part of a suite of educative tools designed for wine professionals and consumers.

Following the success of the educational films we were asked to assist the marketing team in the development of content for their major London event, ‘Eureka!’, attended by wine makers, journalists and consumers from around the world.

We produced a collection of 5, super wide format, short films that showcase the different characteristics of California’s landscape. We began by transporting the viewer back 1 million years before traveling through time to reveal the epic geological evolution of the State. Tectonics plates slam together! Mountains form and valleys appear! The viewers are then taken through Mountains, Coastline, Rivers & Deltas and Gaps in conjunction with a curated wine tasting experience.



California Wine, Eureka
Large scale map at Eureka! Truman Brewery, London.

Following the success of Eureka! we are continuing to work closely with CWI on their upcoming events.


Central Coast AVA Flyover
Video Duration