Drain the Oceans

National Geographic TV

Working with Mallinson Sadler Productions to reveal what lies on the ocean floor.

A team of experts use groundbreaking technology and the latest scientific data from underwater systems to visualise the oceans secrets.


Using real data, 422 South’s cgi artists literally drain the water from the oceans to reveal what lies beneath.

The series delivers penetrating new insights into the epic history of human civilisation and the deep history of Earth itself, exposing sunken cities, shipwrecks and the amazing natural wonders of the deep.

Episodes include: Deadly Pacific, Nazi Secrets, Gulf of Mexico, Lost Worlds of The Mediterranean, Legends of Atlantis, Sunken Treasures, Mysteries of the China Seas, Egypt’s Lost Wonders, Ultimate Battleships, Malaysia Airlines 370.

drain recon
drain pirate city
Black Prince - reconstruction
Drain the Pirate City
Drain the Nazi Secrets - Wreck